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Welcome to SEP Club - a new way to connect!  As musicians, live performance has always been the center of our ecosystem. It has allowed us to be part of a community that has sustained us for many years. But now, as we settle into the reality of no live performances for the foreseeable future, we’re creating new ways of maintaining that sense of community. With your support SEP CLUB will be the space for me to do just that!

Before Covid-19 hit pause on all of our lives, I was working on several projects I had hoped to share over the course of the year.  I’ve been pushing forward on them throughout lockdown and I'm happy to say that they’re coming along nicely!  Over the next few months I’ll be releasing new music, offering new masterclasses, and for the first time, sheet music of my compositions. Your monthly support will help drive these projects forward and make them possible.

As a member of SEP CLUB you will be the first to hear new releases, have access to behind the scenes footage, hear demos of new music, and unreleased material. You’ll also be eligible for discounts on all merchandise and masterclasses. I’ll even be hosting members-only live streams and monthly Q&A sessions.

I see SEP Club as the beginning of a new way of creating, interacting, and making connections with you all. 

Across the three tiers, SUB Club benefits include:

  • Discounts on albums
  • Discounts on masterclasses
  • Access to stream new music before public release!
  • Members-only livestreams
  • Behind the scenes photos/videos of my new creative projects
  • Access to a monthly "group lesson/Q&A happy hour"
  • Access to archived masterclass recordings